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Personalized Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry | Name Pendant | Traditional Cartouche (925) Sterling Silver with Contrasting 18k Yellow Gold Symbols

Custom cartouche in Sterling silver with 18k gold symbolsSterling Silver Cartouche with 18k gold hieroglyphic symbols.

""Display your name, initials or inscription (up to 9 symbols)
""Available single, or double sided
""Symbols available Hieroglyphics, English or Arabic  Use our hieroglyphic typewriter to see your name  Don't see the symbols you want?  Let us know custom symbols are available
""Your personalized cartouche usually ships within 48 hours,  3 business day delivery availablesee shipping FAQ's for details
""free giftIncludes your choice of a free gift, either   20 inch silver chain or a mother of pearl box*
""You will be given a chance for any special instructions and all options, ie symbol choice when you click on the "add to cart" link, click here to see an example of the ordering process
""If you are ordering a double sided cartouche, common examples are: name in English on one side, hieroglyphics on the other  A name on one side, a special date on the other Your name on one side and your special other's name on the other  It is completely up to you!
""Please take the time to read our policies on personalized items and caring for your jewelry
""If you need help with designing your cartouche, or just have a quick questionclick here to "chat" with us online  We're here to help!


Single Sided
Max  4 Symbols - up to   1 1/2"  L* $82.00  Safe, secure, online shopping
5 to 6 Symbols - up to   1 3/4"  L* $101.00  Safe, secure, online shopping
7 to 9 Symbols - up to  2"  L*  $135.00  Safe, secure, online shopping
Double Sided
Max  4 Symbols - up to   1 1/2"  L* $135.00 Safe, secure, online shopping
5 to 6 Symbols - up to   1 3/4"  L* $155.00  Safe, secure, online shopping
7 to 9 Symbols - up to  2"  L*  $220.00 Safe, secure, online shopping
silver chains

Free gift mother of pearl box or silver chain

stone carved cartouche with hieroglyphicsWhat is a Cartouche?  A Cartouche  (pronounced "kar-toosh") is actually a French word meaning 'gun cartridge' When Napoleon's soldiers were in Egypt, they called the oval shaped etchings surrounding the king names "cartouche" because it reminded them of the shape of their gun cartridges, or bullets Cartouches have a a long lasting legend that dates back over 5000 years ago  A Cartouche was originally designed for the Pharaohs  to be an amulet of  protection  Each Cartouche had the name of the person wearing it written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics King Tut Ramses Nefertiti Cleopatra  Your personalized cartouche jewelry will be  hand made in our  Cairo workshop  Custom orders welcomed 

*Please note:  Specifications dimensions are approximate, and are inclusive of the bail for the chain  Size will vary according to symbols  Each cartouche is an individual work of art and there will be variance  There are no refunds on cartouches as each one is a personalized order  The artists reserve the right to choose the hieroglyphic symbols and arrangement (Some letters such as "a" "h" and "m" have two symbols) If you have particular symbols please advise us in the "Special Instructions" box on the order form  Chain is 50 cm or approx 20 inches


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