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Egyptian Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments - Finial Style

Christmas is our favorite time of the year.  The goodwill and spirit of the season are shared by both Christians and Muslims alike in Egypt.

This year add something special to your tree - blown glass Christmas ornaments.  These blown glass Finial (Spire) style ornaments are a special addition to your Christmas tree. Each Christmas ornaments is hand crafted, individually blown , hand etched and painted.  The ornaments are made of a heavy weight Pyrex glass (not to be confused with "soda" glass) and most are  trimmed in 22k gold.  Each ornament is "fired" a minimum of 3 times resulting in permanent vivid colors and a quality keepsake.

To create just one of these Christmas ornaments  many artisans put forth their best creative talents.  First, the glass blower who brings shape to  your ornament.  Second, the painter who is meticulous in his or her creative expression, and on some - the artist who etches your ornament. .Each one of these skilled people brings their best talent forward to create a truly unique piece for you to enjoy year after year.  Glass and glassblowing have long  been a part of the Egyptian culture, glass has been found in tombs dating back 3,500 years ago.  When we say Old World Craftsmanship, we mean it!

Each Christmas ornament is available in red, blue, purple, gold, clear, and green.  Create a new tradition and keepsake for generations to come.  Celebrate the spirit of the season all year long with us.

Click on the Christmas ornaments below to view details.

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Egyptian blown glass Christmas ornament

Egyptian blown glass Christmas ornament

Egyptian blown glass Christmas ornament

Egyptian blown glass Christmas ornamentEgyptian blown glass Christmas ornament
Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :

Heavenly Songs


Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :



Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :

Silent Night


Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :



Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :

Peace on Earth


Egyptian blown glass Christmas ornamentEgyptian blown glass Christmas ornamentEgyptian blown glass Christmas ornamentEgyptian blown glass Christmas ornamentMore to Come!
Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :



Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :



Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :

Christmas Icicle


Blown Glass Christmas Ornament :

Feliz Navidad 



Product Specifications:

To order a mix of blown glass ornament styles from a variety of galleries, not just this gallery, use the order form below.   If you want a particular style, click on the ornament for a larger picture and ordering information.  Allow one week for production.  See the shipping FAQ's for details.  Please note:  you will not find out blown glass products in the general market, the only way to purchase our quality products is directly through us.  We are committed to a standard of excellence and in order to assure a distinguishable product line from the mass market we do not authorize other shops to use our name, so if you are in Cairo and don't see Mohamed, it is not from us.

Small ornaments

 (Average size 2.5" - 3.5")

Set of 6  $45.00

Set of 12  $80.00

Buy with paypal

Medium ornaments 

(Average size +4")

Set of 6  $52.00

Set of 12  $90.00

Buy with paypal


Large ornaments 

(Average size +5")

Set of 6  $65.00

Set of 12  $110.00

Buy with paypal


Ultimate Sampler

 8 small, 8 medium, 8 large

Set of 24


Buy with paypal

















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