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Egyptian Jewelry | Sekhmet Pendant in 18k Gold

Egyptian goddess jewelry of SekhmetEgyptian goddess jewelry

"She Who Is Powerful"   Invoked for protection from the forces of man and nature Representing the more aggressive aspects of the feminine, Sekhmet is often depicted as a destroyer and avenger, although she is also the patron goddess of healers and physicians, and a protective mother figure   The daughter of the sun god, Ra, she is one of the goddesses invoked as the "Eye of Ra' with the power to breathe fire upon his enemies  
Product Specifications:
Your choice of synthetic rubies or turquoise for eyes
1 1/8" L  Min grams of 18k gold  4 *    $400.00Safe, secure, online shopping
1/2"  L   Min grams of 18k gold  2. 5 *  $250.00Safe, secure, online shopping


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